James Pozdena

Portland, OR


Coinbase www.coinbase.com

Staff Engineer Nov 2020-Present
  • Lead the design and construction of a consolidated notification system, supporting multiple channels, apps and organizations. Sending billions of messages in its first quarter
  • Layed out strategic reliablity / scalablity initiatives
  • Developed architectural collaboration and review process to ensure remote lead designs are successful

Monarch Money www.monarchmoney.com

Principal Engineer Apr 2020-Nov 2020
  • Sole backend focused engineer
  • Helping launch v1 of Monarch's budgeting platform
Python, React, React Native, Postgres

Airbnb www.airbnb.com

Portland, OR

Staff Software Engineer, Guest Store - Messaging Jun 2019-Apr 2020
  • Technical design lead for next-generation inbox to enable new BUs
  • Collaboration lead to ensure the Messaging team's goals align across supported teams
  • Increased platform scalability by restructuring database access patterns
Kotlin, Kubernetes, Thrift, Ruby, RDS (MySQL), Redis
Senior Software Engineer Lead, Service Excellence Jan 2018-Jun 2019
  • Member of companies' service oriented architecture leadership
  • Lead migration plan off major third party dependency
  • Taught internal engineering classes
  • Provided technical mentorship
Ruby, Rails, Thrift, RDS (MySQL), Redis
Engineering Manager, Service Excellence Jan 2017-Jan 2018
  • Launched new messaging platform for Airbnb globally
  • Moved the majority of Airbnb customer service traffic from email to in app messaging. Saving the company millions in service cost per year
  • Aligned engineering objectives with product priorities and roadmap
  • Provided technical mentorship
Ruby, Rails, RDS (MySQL), Redis, React, React Native, Elasticsearch
Senior Software Engineer, Service Excellence Feb 2016-Jan 2017
  • Worked at all levels of the stack, from infrastructure to front-end
  • Design new systems to facilitate team objectives.
  • Migrating legacy functionality to new more scalable solutions.
  • Worked closely with design teams and internal stakeholders to prioritize engineering tasks
  • Interviewed potential engineers. Designed new engineering interview material
React, Ruby, RDS (MySQL), Redis

Simple www.simple.com

Online consumer banking services.

Architect of Internal Engineering Jul 2014-Feb 2016
  • General architect for overall engineering strategy.
  • Integration lead for the internal engineering projects.
  • Grew the internal engineering team by 300%
  • Responsible for technical success all internal engineering efforts
  • Project owner to product, customer service, finance and marketing teams
  • Reporting directly to VP of engineering.
  • Mentor to junior engineers
React, Ember.js, Ruby, Postgres, Go (Golang), JRuby, Redis
Full Stack Engineer, Internal Engineering Oct 2011-Jul 2014
  • Lead engineer on multiple core services
  • Scaled up services from 100 to 100,000+ customers
  • Lead Ruby engineer
Ruby, Postgres, Go (Golang), Redis


Web / Mobile application agency

Senior Lead Engineer Apr 2010–Oct 2011
  • Project lead for various enterprise-class web applications
  • Managed agile development team
  • Designed application stacks and platforms
  • Works directly with clients to create meaningfully rich applications
Ruby, Node, Postgres, Oracle DB, MySQL, Redis

Revelation Inc.

Web/mobile application developer Jun 2008–Apr 2010
  • Lead in development of an market research web application
  • Work directly with CTO and CEO to turn business plans into product
Ruby, JavaScript, MySQL, Redis, Objective-C, Java

Market Strategies International (formally Doxus)

Market Research Analyst Jun 2006–Jun 2008
  • Designed program layout & logic for web surveys
  • Programmed statistical tool for organization wide use


Research Assistant Jun 2005-Sep 2005
  • Programmed economic models in statistical software packages

Other Experience

Exercism Mentor

Go (Golang)/Ruby mentor Jul 2018-Present
  • Mentor/approve Go and Ruby exercises

Saturday Academy

Instructor Spring 2013
  • Teaching web development and general programming skills


  • Core languages: Ruby, Go, JavaScript, Kotlin, SQL, HTML, CSS
  • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, JRuby, Postgres, RabbitMQ(AMQP), MySQL, Node.js, AWS(EC2, RDS, S3, Lambda), Docker, Kubernetes, Thrift, Elasticsearch, Git, RSpec, Make, Vim, tmux


University of Oregon

Major GPA: 3.82, Overall GPA: 3.67. Deans’ List: 2004-2006